Application for Treatment

Nucleoplasty - this RF, minimally invasive procedure, the purpose of which is to reduce the pressure of a herniated channel on the nerve roots.

Procedure for the treatment of the spine using koblatsii made ​​in Germany under local anesthesia. Already thousands of patients were relieved of such an operation.

During the radiofrequency waves are used koblatsii RF, which occurs under the influence of evaporation of the damaged tissue in the middle of the disc. This allows to effectively reduce the pressure on its outer side. For this purpose small electrodes that emit energy portions. Therefore, the particles of the nucleus tissue removed is not exposed to high temperatures and field, which arises from the low-temperature plasma, which consists of ionized particles. Thus, it is possible to avoid damage due to thermal effects on the tissue around the spine. The particles are carried with the charge which is sufficient to break the molecular bonds of the organic tissue in the set, thus creating channels in a small amount of ROM.

The procedure lasts about 30 minutes.

Prescribed to patients with a bulging disc in the lumbar region. It is not considered effective for disk extrusion.

The main advantages include high transaction control and maximum localization of the procedure to remove tissue.

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