Microscopic method nucleotomy
Application for Treatment
Microscopic method nucleotomy

Microscopic method nucleotomy - the gold standard of orthopedic surgery spine treatment in Germany.

This surgery is performed through an open, using general anesthesia. The operation is performed through a small skin incision ( about 2-3 mm ) using microtools and operating high-resolution microscope. The goal is to eliminate any bone pathology, which is available within the spinal canal.

At the end of surgery, the patient is administered a special gel, which does not allow to form adhesions. The patient almost immediately ceases to feel pain in the limbs and is able to move freely. However, during the 3-7 days required constant monitoring doctor, so all this time the patient is hospitalized.

The second type of microscopic nucleotomy produced in the cervical spine. In this case, the intervertebral disk implant is replaced. German experts noted the high level of efficiency of the operation as possible to completely eliminate the pain and prevent further recurrence.

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