Heatheal ®
Application for Treatment
Heatheal ®

Heatheal ® - a revolutionary advanced medical technology, developed for the treatment of various cancers , HIV / AIDS , hepatitis C , asthma, chronic infections , STDs. The uniqueness of the technology is its amazing outward simplicity and incredible therapeutic opportunities.

Heatheal ® - is the commercial name of innovative medical technology HL-WBH (High Level-Whole Body Hyperthermia) - a high-level general hyperthermia , allowing for therapeutic purposes safely raise the body temperature of the patient to 43 - 43.5S .

Treatment by Heatheal ®

Technology has made it possible Heatheal ® safely and quickly raise the temperature of the patient's body to 43-43,5 º C. This is a critical temperature threshold for most pathological ( cancer or modified virus ) cells. These altered cells are not incubated mutated ,  heating in contrast to healthy cells of the body that are easily transferred even temperature to 44 º C.

Heatheal ® procedure takes about an hour , and the temperature to rise to 43 º C is carried out for 15-20 minutes , which greatly reduces the load on vital organs and helps avoid complications. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia using the latest equipment and anesthetic drugs, which completely avoids the usual in this case the effects of general anesthesia in the form of nausea, dizziness, headaches , etc. All patients after the procedure noticed a significant improvement in health , normalization of sleep, a sharp increase in disability .

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