Epidural perineural infiltration
Application for Treatment
Epidural perineural infiltration

Epidural perineural infiltration - effective minimally invasive method. Appointed in the case of diagnosing prolapse, protrusion, curtailment of the disc, the pain caused by narrowing of the spinal canal and so on.

The principle is to run under the control of the catheter or computed tomography x-ray directly to the problematic section of the intervertebral disc and acting on it with the help of active enzymes. Minimally invasive procedure is as for its implementation need only make a small incision for insertion of a catheter.

This procedure for the treatment of the spine produced in Germany in the outpatient setting.A few days after the operation, the patient feels a significant improvement in health. All the matter is that the influence of drugs can achieve reduction of herniated discs or other violations, thereby disappears squeezing the nerve endings, and, accordingly, significantly reducing pain.

The advantages of this method include high security. After such an operation can be repeated with absolutely no harm to health. Is effective compared with conservative methods of treatment.

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