Endoscopic discectomy in Germany
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Endoscopic discectomy in Germany

Endoscopic discectomy - is an effective procedure for the treatment of intervertebral hernia in Germany.

The operation is performed with the use of specific operating microscopes. One of which is spinoskop. It is flexible and can be bent the end of 90 degrees, but has a sufficiently high mechanical resistance. With it you can perform not only the manipulation of internal disk, but also outside it. Direct hernia removal performed through a small incision, thus reducing injuries neighboring tissues.

However, before you perform this procedure, the surgeon holds another procedure - laminectomy, which involves the removal of the infected disk, thereby facilitating access to the disk of the spine. At the first stage back muscles that straighten the spine gently pushes aside from bone arc. Vertical muscle is not incised but merely moved in the direction. After that, the doctor has access to the spine. It removes the membrane, which is a bunch of yellow, applying the operating microscope to see where the nerve roots. In order to gain access to the spine and relieve pressure on the nerve is removed a small portion of the facet joint . After that, the nerve root is removed to the side and out of the material he removed the damaged disk.

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