Discography and injection
Application for Treatment
Discography and injection

Discography and injection - intradiskalnye another modern method of treating the spine, which leads to the blockade of inflammatory and analgesics nerve roots of the spinal cord through the spinal column. In Germany, this technique is considered to be particularly effective in the treatment of spine with pronounced sharp pains that give complications to the lower extremities, as well as in the case of permanent injury to the intervertebral discs, their loss, protrusion and wear.

Discography is performed under local anesthesia with the use of a highly sensitive X-ray machine.To determine the exact location of the nerve root is introduced special contrast agent. After determining the area of ​​degenerative changes made ​​accurate administration of drugs with a needle. Such manipulation can be used for breast, cervical, lumbar spine. After a week since the procedure can assign additional physiotherapy. In some cases, the first few weeks can be used special corset. Physical activity is permitted only in 2 weeks, and in the future for the patient, there are no restrictions, he returns to his normal life. According to statistics of the German clinics, discography is the result in 80 % of cases.

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