Endoscopic discectomy, minimally invasivesurgical intervention, through which patientspermanently get rid of back pain.

The treatment is effective in the treatment ofGermany herniated discs, spinal stenosis andother pathologies drives. Thanks to thisintervention can reduce the pressure on the spinal cord and nerve eliminate hernia by removing excess nucleus pulposus of the disc.

With the use of microsurgical instruments, the outer layer of the intervertebral layer is a hole,which is then removed through the surplus ofthe nucleus pulposus. Then, using a laser orradiofrequency radiation inner layer of the intervertebral disc is melted, thereby achievingthe effect of reducing it. To date, this operation is a standard for the treatment of spinal diseases in Germany due to its high efficiency.

The advantage of this technique is to eliminate any abnormal intervertebral disc without damaging the ligament and the muscle fibers. To reduce injuries, the surgeon inserts a narrow endoscope with a diameterof 7 mm through the gaps in the vertebrae, which are incorporated by nature. Thus, it is possible to leave the nerves of the spinal canal and the shell intact. Due to this procedure is performed under local anesthesia, and alleviate postoperativerecovery. If necessary, this procedure may be repeated.

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