Da Vinci Surgical System
Application for Treatment
Da Vinci Surgical System

Innovative technology for treating prostate cancer is made in Germany.

Operating system "Da Vinci" is a modernsetting for minimally - invasive surgery(laparoscopy) for successful surgical treatment of prostate cancer, providing a precise and gentle removal of the prostate.


All patients with carcinoma of the prostate,which shows the classic abdominal surgery, ie, when the tumor is within the size of the prostate. In this case, the system of "Da Vinci" provides a high possibility of cure.

Advantages of treating prostate cancer with the help of the "Da Vinci":

     Minimally invasive procedures
     Minimal blood loss
     Reducing pain
     Not disturbed function correctly urination
     Preserved sexual function
     Accelerated healing of the surgical wound
     Good cosmetic effect
     rapid recovery

Benefits of treatment with the help of Da Vinci for doctor:

     Three-dimensional image of surgical procedure
     10-fold increase
     Wide range of movement of the tool
     Increased accuracy and mobility microtools
     To avoid possible bias or "shake" hands operating doctor

When using this method instead of the usual surgical laparotomy, performed small incisions, 5 - 12 mm, through whichentered precision microsurgical instruments and operating the camera. Experienced specialists carry out the operation, is in close proximity to the patient.

The operating system is controlled by the operator and the doctor is under constant supervision.

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