Balloon sinusoplastika
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Balloon sinusoplastika

Sinusitis represent one of the most acute problems in health care in Russia, annually affecting more than 10 million person . As the prevalence of sinusitis surpass heart disease and asthma, and have a significant impact on quality of life.
Sinusitis lead to temporary disability of the most active segments of the population that negatively affects both the cost of the health system , and the overall economic efficiency of the country.

For the treatment of these patients , there are several approaches to the most advanced of which are the following:
1. Drug therapy
2 . Endoscopic intervention

Improving the treatment of sinusitis

During its development, drug therapy has evolved from the first basic drugs to the whole complex of specialized funds. Such treatment is often effective and mitigates or eliminates the symptoms of sinusitis . However, for many patients , even several courses of antibiotics and steroids do not bring relief, and then the next step on the road to recovery becomes surgery.
Evolution of surgical procedures on the paranasal sinuses began over 100 years ago.With the advent in the 1980s . FESS surgery techniques made ​​a great leap in its development due to complete or partial failure of open surgery , the introduction of endoscopic instruments and the realization that one of the main causes of sinusitis may be closing natural sinus fistulas .

New approaches in surgery of the paranasal sinuses

Technology BSP - balloon sinusoplastika - continues the evolution of surgery of the paranasal sinuses and provides new tools for otorhinolaryngology endoscopic interventions .Tools of the family Relieva are catheter devices designed to eliminate block natural anastomosis paranasal sinuses , restoring normal drainage and function , as well as to maintain normal anatomic structures and mucosal integrity .
Toolkit for balloon sinusoplastiki provides constant lumen formation in the natural sinus fistula and helps to achieve the goals of Otolaryngology surgery. After the operation, the size of the extended anastomosis approximately corresponds to the nominal diameter of the selected balloon sinus catheter (3.5 to 7 mm).

Application in routine practice

Devices for balloon sinusoplastiki are highly endoscopic instruments , you can use them on a background of drug therapy , or in the traditional FESS. At the same patient tools Balloon Sinuplasty ™ system can be used for interventions in several sinuses. Furthermore, if the disease will progress in the future, the use of these devices does not cause any hindrance to the application of other therapies.
Each patient suffering from sinusitis , unique and has a characteristic feature of the disease. Only after a thorough examination and discussion of the results with the patient and skilled otorhinolaryngologist can determine the feasibility of tools Balloon Sinuplasty ™ system in a particular case .

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