Application for Treatment

Arthroplasty - kind of surgery to restore joint function in which there is a partial replacement of the damaged joint with an implant . Unlike arthroplasty or arthrodesis of replacement that she considered sparing surgery, as in most cases there is preservation of one or both of the articular surfaces, allowing movement in the joint.

- Ankylosis 
- Deforming arthrosis
- Incorrectly fused intraarticular fractures 

Thanks arthroplasty can restore the function of damaged joints that have lost their injury or illness due to arthrosis.

Arthroplasty is a very popular method of surgical treatment in Germany.

There are two types of this operation - partial joint replacement (modeling new joint tissues with seating pads made ​​of natural or synthetic bone substitute material ) and total arthroplasty ( joint prosthesis is completely replaced their metal, durable polyethylene or ceramic composite ).

Partial or pole replacement joint is gentle sea operations, during which there is minimal blood loss, and the period of the recovery process is much faster, in addition, reduced postoperative pain syndrome.

Partial arthroplasty is an alternative to arthrodesis because it allows to keep the joint activity.

Operation Flow

With the use of special surgical saws doctor cuts the damaged articular cartilage, thus severing the bone. Then covers the ends of bones of these specific components of metal, giving them shape such natural configuration of the joint. Sami metal components are attached to the bone using bone cement. To ensure smooth sliding between the metallic elements are laid between the insert is made of plastic.

Operation time is about 2 hours, performed under general anesthesia . In German hospitals is considered unacceptable conduct this type of operation upon detection of secondary or acute forms of inflammation in the joints.


   - positive trend towards recovery in the postoperative period;
   - the ability to save the cartilage, bone and ligaments of the patient;
   - saved the best feature of the joint flexion.


   - not rarely observed preservation of pain;
   - often requires repetition of the operation or conduct a full prosthetic joint;
   - maximum efficiency of partial arthroplasty only people with a sedentary lifestyle, the elderly and lean people.

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