Treatment of lymphomas in Germany
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Treatment of lymphomas in Germany

Lymphoma - a cancer of the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is the protector of the body from various infections.When an imbalance occurs in the body, andthe body's cells start to randomly divide,emerging tumor. Since then, and starts a disease.

Lymphoma cells can sometimes bedetected in the blood, but more often they contribute to the development of tumors in the lymphatic system directly, and sometimes in some certain organ.

If signs of illness (nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, sometimes - fever and itching) do not go more than two weeks, be sure to consult a doctor. This can be lymphoma, which is important to catch an early stage. (Althoughyou have all of these symptoms can talk about other diseases).

Treatments for lymphoma

After careful examination, in the case of lymphoma, the patient is prescribed medication.
Treatment of lymphomas in Germany, as in all advanced countries, is carried out in three ways:

Radiation and Chemotherapy
Surgical intervention, and a bone marrow transplant
biological Therapy

Now let's talk about each method in detail.

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy for lymphoma

Chemotherapy - a method in which the human body is introduced drug or drug combination that kills malignant cells. Chemotherapy in most cases is carried out by administration of the drug into a vein with a dropper.

Chemotherapy is usually carried out in several "blocks" and immediately affects the entire body. Very often, if the tumor is surgically removed, the cancer cells remain in the body, and this means that at any moment canresume their work and form a new tumor.
But chemotherapy - systemic treatment. "System" it is called because it affects the entire body and kills cancercells, wherever they are located.
In most cases, after the operation is prescribed, "chemistry", and performed it in several stages.
Where it may be significant side effects, because the drugs in chemotherapy have a fairly intense action.Patients had fits of nausea, dizziness, vomiting, hair loss occurs. But at the same chemotherapy in most casesfacilitates the introduction of the organism into a state of remission.

Radiation therapy - it's effects on the body by means of ionizing radiation. The principle of operation is similar to chemotherapy.
Chemotherapy costs approximately 7 800 - 15 600 dollars.
Radiotherapy - 20 000 - 55 000 dollars.

It is important to remember that we are talking about the full course of treatment that is necessary to pass from beginning to end, in order to achieve remission.

Bone Marrow Transplantation

One of the most effective, but it is unsafe for the body, forms of chemotherapy is traditionally considered HDCT.

What is its danger? The fact that in combating the disease, it is not only destroys the infected cells but healthybone marrow cells.
Because patients who have several blocks of massive chemotherapy and subsequently do a bone marrow transplant.
It is necessary that the patient was able to re-produce the necessities of life of red and white blood cells(leukocytes and eritratsity).

In order to produce transplantation, bone marrow cells taken from the patient before chemotherapy, and returned after. Often used, and related cells from a suitable donor.

Selection of the donor, if necessary, the process is laborious, because if you go through the treatment of lymphomas in Germany, the procedure will cost you 17-25 thousand dollars.

The very marrow transplantation (abbreviated - TCM) will cost 200-250 thousand Euro.

Biological therapy - the youngest a method for treating lymphoma, yet located on the stage of the experiment.However, it is already practiced in many clinics, and even get good results.
It is based on the patient's treatment products manufactured from seized his same cells are returned to thebody with a mission to eradicate the disease.

Biological therapies presently divided into:

- Gene therapy
- immunotherapy
- Angiogenesis inhibitors - work with the substances, stops the growth of blood vessels in malignant tumors.

It is planned that in the future, when this method will be investigated to the end and refined, it will be activelyused along with chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

In such diseases as lymphoma, is not bad enough statistics of cases of recovery. Now doctors at the annual conferences, not without joy noted that 20 years ago was considered a fatal disease lymphoma, now even among young patients may heal up to 90% of the patients.

But, of course, to the treatment led to the victory over the disease, you need to act quickly and correctly.

Firstly not to delay treatment to the doctor, after there were warning signs.

Secondly, when the disease has already been identified, concentrate all their efforts to cooperate with the doctor.

Experts recommend the most effective treatment for lymphoma followed during their therapy and subsequent rehabilitation following rules:

- Just tell your doctor about all of the symptoms. Even if something seems sick small, insignificant, or the patient is faced with the prospect hesitate to talk about anything, it is important to remember - he was at a reception at the doctor, there should be no such thing as a "shame" and "lie." The more information about the symptoms andmanifestations of the disease will get an expert, the more effective it will be able to choose the best treatment.

- Attending physicians must report all side effects of therapy. Some nuance that the patient does not seemsignificant, it may impose on the doctor's idea of ​​changing the drug, which in the end will benefit the patient.

- Comply with all regulations of the treating specialist, both during active treatment, and during rehabilitation.

If time to take up treatment, try to keep the desire to win and throughout cooperate with specialists in patients with lymphoma have a considerable chance of cure of the disease and to return to a normal life.

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