On the healing properties of bananas
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On the healing properties of bananas
* The content of diverse and easily absorbed by the human sugary nutrients and minerals, as well as the presence of a wide range of vitamins, bananas are one of the most valuable fruit plants, which are increasingly used in medical practice.

* Eating 1-2 bananas a day has sustained tonic effect : improved mood , concentration and performance, decreases fatigue, cleanses the body.

* To gain weight , increase muscle mass , should be consumed daily bananas. Sports doctors working with the fighters , football players and weightlifters , recommend them regularly consume these fruits.
Bananas , like rice, are important in a particular diet of Japanese sumo wrestlers.

Bananas as a source of potassium and magnesium , are assigned to fasting days sick atherosclerosis and hypertension , if they can not tolerate hunger.

Bananas are useful in nephritis and liver disease, urolithiasis , with dialedeznyh bleeding and stomatitis .

* In the gastro -intestinal diseases fruits bananas are recommended as a mild laxative .

* The fruit pulp contains important physiologically active substances - catecholamines : dopamine, serotonin , norepinephrine . Thanks to these substances bananas successfully used in the treatment of intestinal disease and peptic ulcers of the stomach and duodenum. Children with gastro-intestinal diseases are an effective means of crushed banana .

* Bananas are prescribed for diarrhea , enteritis , ulcerative colitis and diverticulitis .

* Juice of bananas has a positive therapeutic effect with hemorrhages in the stomach and duodenum , cholera and dysentery.

* Bananas contain toning substance ephedrine, which slightly raises blood pressure , stimulates the central nervous system, increases blood sugar levels and has antispasmodic effect on broncho- pulmonary muscles.

* Avicenna wrote that bananas help as a remedy for impotence.

* When allergies appointed banana diet , which is good for the treatment of celiac disease - an allergy to gluten in some cereals , detectable , usually in young children. Up to 10 bananas a day , such a diet . However, in the treatment of a young child suffering from this disease , you should always consult with a physician.

Bananas have sedative properties. Juice from the stems of the plant used as a sedative and anticonvulsant in hysteria and epilepsy. These properties bananas received scientific confirmation .

* Unripe bananas crushed , dried , and then applied to diabetic ulcers on the feet.

* Curative effect and the banana peel :
- A poultice of ripe banana peel is applied to the forehead and neck to relieve pain associated with migraine ;
- A decoction of the fresh green rind is used as a remedy for hypertension ;
- The inner surface of ripe banana peel is applied to burns , rashes, abscesses ;
- From plantar warts there is a method of disposal , confirmed by clinical studies : the banana peel is tied to the base, the inner side of the wart , while washing her feet is removed and then replaced with fresh . This method requires a long treatment, but gives good results.

• Daily consumption of bananas depends on the general state of the organism , it is not the same for different diseases .For therapeutic purposes, these fruits should be consumed in doses and only under medical supervision . Bananas - heavy enough food , they are slowly digested , produce gas accumulation in the intestine and impedes the flow of bile . They should be thoroughly chewed and eat small portions . Do not eat bananas on an empty stomach , and drink their water .
• Bananas increased density of blood , so they are contraindicated with thrombophlebitis , varicose veins , as well as those who have suffered heart attacks and strokes .
• Bananas and banana juice should not be there at high acidity of gastric juice.
• When diabetes is eating a ripe banana should also be limited . But for diabetics good food are immature and cooked fruits and ripe banana helps with hypoglycemic episodes. 
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