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The problem of infertility is relevant worldwide.To achieve the long-awaited result , people are desperate resort to different methods of treatment that do not always lead to success.
We went deep into the problem and contacted the disease with leading clinics in Europe and are happy to share their experience with you.
According to statistics, every fifth couple is faced with infertility. More than 50 million couples of reproductive age need to use methods of assistive technology . 40 % of infertile couples can not conceive a child due to problems associated with male health , 40 % - in connection c problemami women and 20% of cases - we are talking about the combined infertility.
If within one year of fruitless attempts , the woman can not get pregnant , you can talk about infertility . In this case , we strongly recommend that you consult a specialist.
To resolve the problem of infertility , it should be to ascertain the cause of its occurrence , and surveyed the man and the woman . The most common causes of male infertility are inflammatory and infectious diseases ( prostatitis, urethritis ) , obstruction of the ejaculatory ducts , testicular varicose veins , hormonal disorders , disorders of spermatogenesis. The most common problems faced by professionals in the treatment of female infertility - is different ovulation disorders , disease of the uterus and fallopian tubes , endometriosis, hormonal and genetic abnormalities . Often, a woman can have complex infertility, ie simultaneous presence of several factors , such as obstruction of the fallopian tubes and the absence of ovulation , in conjunction with endometriosis.
It should be noted that the risk of infertility increases significantly in adulthood, particularly for women . Such a reduction in fertility is understandable - in 30 years y matures women almost three times smaller follicles than 20 . Moreover , the quality of oocytes matured with age gets a little worse. In addition to long-term absence of pregnancy as such , poor egg quality can lead to samoabortu ( miscarriage ) or birth of a child with a genetic disorder .
How to Treat Infertility?
Fortunately, in most cases , infertility - not a sentence . Modern medicine European level making progress and gives joy to the happy parents communicate with your baby .
It is imperative to carry out a competent treatment of infertility doctors, gynecologists and urologists . In any case can not self-medicate ! Remember, it separates you from the possibility of getting pregnant and having a healthy baby .Procrastination can be dangerous and lead to irreparable consequences .
1. Necessary to find a reliable clinic , the professionalism that you have no doubt .
2 . Important to find the cause of infertility , through the use of modern diagnostic techniques
women :
- Palpation study
- U.S.
- Determination of hormones
- Examination of the fallopian tubes
- Abdominal laparoscopy
- Hysteroscopy uterine
Men :
- Palpation and ultrasound
- Study of sperm
- Determination of hormones
- Genetic research
If in the course of treatment it turns out that a couple to conceive naturally can not apply methods of artificial insemination :
IVF (Invitro fertilization )
With this method of fertilization , the woman take the egg and the male - sperm. After that the egg is fertilized in the laboratory and sits in the uterus of the patient.
ICSI (ICSI fertilization )
When using this method of fertilization , the egg cell is a single injection of sperm , the zygote then sits in the uterus of the patient. ICSI fertilization should be used in the event that men ejaculate low sperm concentration . According to statistics from the German study , 65-80 % of couples who are desperate to have a baby , but that time has been rendered competent help professionals and offer the right individual therapy and were able to carry and give birth to a healthy baby yourself.
In German infertility treatment centers , we recommend that you make a detailed diagnosis and apply advanced methods of treatment , in order to make your dream a reality .

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