The problem of obesity and genetics
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The problem of obesity and genetics

The last three decades, scientists have carefully studied the problem of obesity. Discoveries in this area very much. What today scientists can tell us?
Modern scholars have argued that science can help people suffering from obesity. This assistance is in the selection of treatments to suit individual.
In science, a new trend - nutrigenetika whose purpose is to identify food options, based on the genetic characteristics of a person. Scientists have identified several dozen genes that affect the body's metabolism and lead to the accumulation of extra pounds.
Individual genes affect metabolism (cholesterol uptake by cells, cholesterol, lipids, glucose, amino acids, carbohydrates) are responsible for the absorption of micro-and macronutrients, vitamins from food. It is these genes and are a means of overcoming the disease, which are called "epidemic of the 20th century" - diabetes type II, obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular disease. Given the gene specific person Scientists have developed personalized recommendations. Is all important: the composition of vitamins, minerals, nutrients in the products and the speed at which they are adopted.
Scientists concluded that a diet of genetically determined for each individual. For example, in every organism incorporated different amounts of glucose - 85-120 mg%. The gap is very large. Accordingly, if the glucose level is high, a person needs a low-carb diet, which prevents glucose and light carbohydrates. At high levels of lipoprotein, low-density, low-fat diet is appointed.
Successful treatment in Germany. Experienced doctors can say about the exact cause of obesity and to conduct all necessary studies, suggest the right therapy and diet.
Doctor's advice can be compared with the project at home. But to draw a project - a little, you need to carry out the construction. Modern genetics gives a person a healthy diet tool. The patient may need to just use them, and the disease will retreat. 

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