Anomalous phenomenon of aging: progeria, causes, clinical, treatment

Phenomenon of anomalous aging medicine called progeria. This is a very rare disease. Doctors estimate that it may appear in only one out of four million, and the patient from whom it was revealed, not live more than 13 years.

This disease is divided into 2 types: progeria child is or is already manifest in adults. In both cases, the gene is broken andthe mechanism is a rapid aging of all body systems.

The children from the first months of life manifested signs of senility in the form of wrinkles and gray hair. Five years later,they present all the diseases that are specific to the elderly, such as hearing loss, atherosclerosis and others.

In adults, the disease can manifest itself in a period of 16 to 20 years, and by 30-40 years these people have all the hallmarks of a ripe old age and die.

To date, scientists have studied more than one hundred cases of this disease, but doctors still have not found a cure forabnormal aging. If you use the full range of scientific advances in this area, the process can slow down only slightly.

The basic version of the causes of the disease, doctors believe mutations that lead to the formation of a large number ofcells in the protein. In more simple terms, the cells in the body simply cease to divide and it is not updated. The tips of the chromosomal DNA comprising become considerably shorter, thereby reducing the life expectancy of the patient. Now, scientists around the world are trying to find a way to lengthen using enzymes.

Suggest that in both cases of the disease, both in children and adults, even a failure occurs during fetal development. In some cases, it appears immediately after birth, and in the other at the end of ten to twenty years.

As a rule, the occurrence of the disease is sudden nature. The first symptoms are dark spots on the body, followed by acomplete list of the number of senile diseases. But it should consider another feature all ailments such patients occurdozens of times faster than conventional elderly.

The only positive aspect in this case is the fact that the inherited disease is not transmitted. While such patients one can not help even at the level of the experiment, and the science is not able to manage this failure and the occurrence ofdisease.

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