Autoimmune disease
Application for Treatment
Autoimmune disease

The task of the normal immune system - to protect the body from:

• harmful microorganisms

• other genetically foreign agents

• tumor cells.

But when exposed to attack and destroy its ownhealthy tissues and cells of the body, then we are talking about pathology - an autoimmunedisorder.

What is Autoimmunity?

In the process of maturation of the immune agents organism acquires the ability to detect and destroy its own, but the diseased cells. Normally, this group is controlled by the lymphocytes of the immune system. However, for various reasons,may fail. And then the cells turn into advocates "killers", causing severe inflammatory changes, destroying healthy tissue.So formed autoimmunity.

Reasons for the development of autoimmune reactions

Factors that could lead to perverse immune responses, there are many. And although the subject is medicine is still not fully understood, all the causes of autoimmunity can be divided into two categories:

• External causes. Development of autoimmune reactions sometimes observed due to radiation or intense ultravioletirradiation or after an attack of severe infections pathogens. Under the aggressive influence of external factors, some of the tissue structure at the molecular level changes. As a result, the immune system, they become foreign material, which is set against a real struggle. A chronic inflammatory response, as well as further damage observed abnormal tissues.Target organs are often the liver, stomach, adrenal glands, thyroid or pancreas.

• Internal reasons. Autoimmune attack may also provoke gene mutations. In particular, due to changes in the antigenicstructure of the body, it becomes a "foreign" to the body's own, or rather its immune system. So there is organ-specificautoimmune disease that can be inherited. There is another kind of gene mutations. Their development leads to the fact that the immune system is suddenly not monitor the lymphocytes responsible for the neutralization of the patients owncells. Then there organonespetsificheskie disease that can affect both individual organs (skin, joints, muscles, and kidneys), and the entire body.

If autoimmune disease is diagnosed too late, it creates a risk of irreversible pathological process.
Today, many patients with autoimmune diseases are treated in Germany because there is a big emphasis on accurateearly diagnosis. And with effective therapeutic regimens were selected individually, in accordance with the specific clinical disease.

Principles of treatment of autoimmune diseases

Achieving complete cure in this type of disease is problematic because it is difficult to discover the exact cause of the disease. But it is possible to achieve a good therapeutic effect by acting on the symptoms (withdrawal inflammation) and oppression of adverse reactions of the immune system.

The search for new treatments for autoimmune diseases continues. Today, vaccines are being developed for specificimmunological correction techniques are applied targeted local action. Practiced in Germany thanks to modern methodsof treatment, patients who are diagnosed with an autoimmune disease can get relief (or at least delay the development ofthe disease) and lead a normal life.

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