Gastric surgery in Germany
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Gastric surgery in Germany

One of the most common pathologies all over the world are currently in the stomach diseases which are functional or organic nature . Most often it is enough to conservative methods in the treatment of this disease , but sometimes you have to resort to surgical treatment .

Surgical intervention is used in cases where there are complicated forms of peptic ulcer disease , found benign or malignant gastric tumors , foreign bodies, some anomalies Development Authority ( pyloric stenosis , pyloric atresia , etc. ) and , if necessary, surgical treatment of obesity.

Here is a list of basic operations on the stomach : gastrotomy (opening body cavity ) , gastrostomy ( external fistula creation of the stomach) , gastroenterostomy (overlay anastomosis ( anastomosis ) between the stomach and small intestine ) , vagotomy (the intersection of the main trunk or branches of the vagus nerve ) , gastrectomy ( removing part of the organ ) , pyloroplasty , gastroduodenostomiya , gemisfinkterektomiya , banding and gastric balloon .

In Germany, doctors in his practice actively apply the latest technical advances and effective progressive techniques . They not only possess a virtuoso classical methods of conducting operations , as well as spend on a high professional level and manually laparoscopic -assisted ( hybrid ) operations that are less traumatic and help reduce the number of complications , shorter hospital stay and duration of rehabilitation.

Endoscopic techniques in Germany has firmly positioned in the treatment of gastric ulcer , benign and malignant tumors in bariatric surgery , dealing with operational correction of obesity through laparoscopic bypass and laparoscopic gastric banding .

In every single case report qualified professionals working in clinics in Germany , considering several possible operation modes , choosing the most rational method of treatment for the patient .

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