First aid for burns and eye
Application for Treatment
First aid for burns and eye

Eye burns are considered one of the most dangerous injuries, damage to the delicate shelleyeballs can lead to complete loss of vision andto forever change a person's life. When suchinjuries is very important timely and proper first aid.
First aid for thermal burns - at high temperaturesto the eye lids are closed reflexively, protectingthe eyeball, first aid must enter patientparenteral analgesic and drip into damaged eyesolutions tetracaine, lidocaine and procaine. After anesthesia try flush eyes with a solution of sodium or chloramphenicolsulfatsila as soon as possible to deliver the patient to the hospital.
With chemical burns of the eyelids or cornea is also necessary to anesthetize the patient by parenteral administration of analgesics and as soon as possible to the eyewash helps remove corrosive. For washing, you can use an ordinary running water to wash off as thoroughly as possible with chemical eyelids and corneal use well soaked cotton swab or washedeyes of a rubber balloon. If you know that your eyes burn was caused by acid washing is taking a weak solution of soda, and if you hit in the eye lye - that weak 2% boric acid solution. First aid for burns and eye alkali or acid is often crucial, so you need as carefully as possible to wash the eyelids and the eyeball itself for 10-15 minutes at least.

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