Virtual coronary angiography
Application for Treatment
Virtual coronary angiography

Angiography ( coronary angiography ) in its classical version is a method of diagnosis of coronary heart disease. This invasive method is the study ( ie, requiring the introduction into the patient ) at which the patient through one of the large arteries (often femoral ) catheter was introduced into the heart , with the subsequent administration of contrast agents and using the detected X-ray narrowing of the coronary vessels.
Virtual coronary angiography ( without the need for hospitalization and anesthesia ) allows for a few seconds :
- examine the condition of the heart vessels ,
 - detect and measure the level of vascular calcification ,
 - get the exponents of the functions of the heart, in particular , to assess blood flow to the heart muscle with increased physical activity , and without drugs ( betablokerov ) and even cardiac arrhythmia , arrhythmia , extrasystoles ! -
- to determine the patency of stents after bypass surgery.
Virtual coronary angiography is the diagnostic method - fast and easy for the patient and informative doctor.This technique helps to prevent the development of myocardial infarction and reduce the risk of sudden death.

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