Virtual colonoscopy
Application for Treatment
Virtual colonoscopy

Virtual colonoscopy is a research, allowing to assess the state of the large intestine without the introduction of the colonoscope ( a long tube with a camera ) . For a few seconds the whole abdominal cavity is investigated . This unique feature is very useful for patients who have possible risk of bleeding or patients taking medications that promote blood thinners ( such as aspirin and Marcumar ) , as well as for patients with congenital bowel elongated , with sharp pains in my stomach and aortic aneurysm . Imaging In seconds vvyvedet dimensional image on the screen of the large intestine as well as liver , spleen , pancreas , kidneys , blood vessels, which may be involved in the inflammatory process .
This study allows to detect polyps on the walls of the colon and measure their size. In most cases, the cancer develops from toasting bowel polyps before their discovery as ranyaya diagnosis of the disease can often save the patient's life, because colon cancer is the third highest incidence after breast and lung cancer .
The study lasts about 60 seconds.

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