Virtual bronchoscopy
Application for Treatment
Virtual bronchoscopy

Classical bronchoscopy - invasive method of research, which is carried out under general anesthesia or anesthesia. Method , the essence of which is the introduction of a bronchoscope is not assigned to weak and seriously ill patients (even when absolutely necessary ) because of poor muscle relaxation larynx ( can be traumatic , since the introduction of the bronchoscope is often damaged mucosa of the respiratory tract ) .
In contrast to classical , virtual bronchoscopy is non-invasive and painless ! Does not require the administration of contrast agents ! This scan respiratory followed by their three-dimensional reconstruction, an image representing the respiratory tract is not only the inside but also the outside in the form of a three-dimensional model of the bronchial tree. This helps to identify tumors growing in the lumen and the wall of the bronchi, as well as identify and small restriction that can not be done during routine bronchoscopy ..
Thus virtual bronchoscopy to evaluate the anatomy , permeability , pathological changes of airway caliber of any of the trachea and bronchioles, the smallest and visualize ( in general terms ) the structure of the lung tissue.

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