Кinetic perimetry
Application for Treatment
Кinetic perimetry

Changes of visual function in glaucoma occur imperceptibly for the patient and slowly progressing , they are detected by special methods of investigation only after the death of a significant ( 30% or more ) of the nerve fibers of the optic nerve. One of the most informative methods of investigation used in the diagnosis of glaucoma, as well as to evaluate the effectiveness of patient treatment is to examine the boundaries of sight - kinetic perimetry .Important diagnostic sign of glaucoma is the appearance of cattle - visual field defects . Such defects are defined using static perimetry . Static perimetry to diagnose glaucoma at the earliest stages of the disease .

Modern, automatic, domed projection computer perimeter of the total field of view, with the possibility of static and kinetic perimetry , with integrated automatic control system the fixation of the patient and adjust its position in the research process , as well as advanced software allows recording , archiving , printing resultsresearch and follow-up. In this device, realized the possibility of blue and yellow static perimetry and determine the critical flicker fusion frequency (Flicker). These techniques can detect glaucoma in its earliest stages , when there are no clinical manifestations of this disease.

Group of patients who need to study
• Children and adolescents with amblyopia ;
• Patients with macular degeneration ;
• Patients with glaucoma ;
• Diabetics ;
• Patients with degenerative diseases of the retina and choroid ;
• patients with neurological diseases (tumors, brain trauma , etc.).

Advantages of computer perimeter
• Objectivity method
• High level of control over fixations
• Election and individual approach to survey patients
• High sensitivity and high accuracy results
• Dynamic observation of the disease
• Statistical data processing
• Using the average length of the top research strategy takes no more than 3 minutes
• True dome perimeter (by Goldmann), which does not distort the results of the study and provides the most accurate static and kinetic perimetry
• The patient can blink , as the system automatically remembers the incentives that the patient missed with your eyes closed and repeat them after a while

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