Given Imaging Endoscopy
Application for Treatment
Given Imaging Endoscopy

Three simple steps:
- The patient swallows a capsule
- Going research ( 7-8 hours)
- Doctor examines results
Description of the method
- The patient swallows a capsule
- Capsule naturally moves through the intestines
- Built-in camera takes pictures
- Belt fastened recorder
- Capsule delivers a radio signal to a recording device
Inspection method for painless bowel patient.
Indications for use
1. Identification of sources of bleeding in the small intestine (vascular anomalies), tumor ulceration of various origins ) , including patients with iron deficiency anemia of chronic unknown origin .
2 . Tumors of the small intestine ( including lymphomas) .
3 . Monitoring NSAID .
4 . Identification and monitoring of treatment of various enteritis (Crohn's disease , celiac disease Uiplla etc.) .
5 . Diagnostics polyps , polyposis , small bowel diverticula .
Benefits  for the doctor
- Does not require the presence of a physician.
- Does not require a special cabinet.
- Comfortable viewing modes
- Possibility of distance learning results.
Benefits for the patient
Does not violate the rhythm of life of the patient

Not cause negative emotions
- Without air injection
- Without anesthesia
- Without the threat of exposure
- Without sedation
Recommended for children from 2 years
From 19 to 24% of patients requiring an endoscopy in the group are increased risk of cardiovascular events :
1. Patients with increased blood clotting
2 . Patients carrying bad anesthesia.

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