Application for Treatment

Endomicroscopy is an innovative and unique method of endoscopic visualization.
It allows for in vivo microscopy of the entire layer of the mucous membrane with high resolution at the level of cells directly during gastrointestinal endoscopy . This is achieved by using a miniature confocal microscope integrated into the distal end of the rest of conventional endoscope. Endomicroscopy can be sent to any area of ​​interest during endoscopy .
Light blue laser endomicroscopy interacts with contrast agents in the mucosa , which are applied topically or intravenously. As a result, it is possible to obtain  image from the surface to the deepest parts of the mucosal layer .

New Features

The fundamental difference between endomicroscopy and other endoscopic imaging techniques is obvious: histology is not predicted and measured directly in vivo. Thus, the endoscopist can do neat conclusions about the structure of tissue , infiltration of inflammatory cells , malignant cells change and mucosal changes . This provides excellent conditions for taking targeted biopsy .

A wide variety of indications : endomicroscopy suitable for different types of gastrointestinal diseases
• High accuracy : Dr. Kisslih and others have shown that the overall degree of accuracy for confocal endomicroscopy is 91 % for upper gastrointestinal and 93% for lower GI
• endomicroscopy safe : complication rate is very small ( ~ 1%)
• The process of development of the method : Dr. Dunbar and others have demonstrated that the process of development of this method is not as complicated as it may seem at first glance
• High efficiency at lower costs : fewer conventional biopsies due to the possibility of sighting a "smart" biopsy

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