Application for Treatment

Encephalography - a method of brain research,which is based on the registration of its electricalpotential. Electroencephalogram (EEG) recordedthrough intact skull covers represents the total activity of a large number of neurons and is composed of many frequency components.

Electroencephalography helps to clarify thelocalization of the pathological focus in organic brain lesions, the severity of the general changesits functional state, as well as the dynamics of local and general changes in the electricalactivity. Most informative are the EEG data in various forms of epilepsy, tumors, vascular disorders of the brain (especially in acute cerebral circulatory disorders), traumatic braininjury.

Electroencephalography as a method of clinical diagnosis has a specific sign language thatestablishes a correspondence between changes in the electrical potentials recorded on the EEG,and the terms that are used to designate them.

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