Cardiac examination
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Cardiac examination

Full examination of the cardiovascular system of assessing the state of the lungs includes a large list of diagnostic procedures. Cardiac examination is carried out not only for making or confirming the diagnosis , but also to determine the feasibility and scope of the forthcoming cardiac surgery .

Plan diagnostic measures developed individually and usually includes the following surveys :

    - electrocardiography (if necessary with the load on the cycle ergometer );
    - Holter monitoring (24 -hour supervision over the work of the heart) ;
    - assessment of respiratory function ( spirometry spirography ) and spiroergometry ( load test , involving the simultaneous study of core exchange and external respiration using spirometry or spirography );
    - echocardiography ( ultrasound , which allows to see the work of the heart valves and provides comprehensive information about the size of the heart chambers , the ventricular and atrial state partitions, and the thickness of the myocardium ( heart muscle ) );
    - Doppler ultrasound trunk , peripheral vascular ( blood flow assessment );
    - overview of chest radiography ( to determine the configuration and size of the heart and lung condition assessment );
    - cardiac catheterization ( invasive procedure performed to directly measure the pressure in the chambers of the heart and determine the volume of blood in the bloodstream );
    - roentgenopaque examination ( aorto- coronary or );
    - spiral computed and nuclear magnetic resonance imaging .

It is mandatory to carry out a number of laboratory tests : complete blood count ( always with platelet count and leukocyte counts ) , coagulation ( activated partial thromboplastin time , prothrombin, thrombin time , international normalized ratio , fibrinogen ) , lipid profile (total cholesterol , low density lipoproteins class and high density , and the coefficient of atherogenic triglycerides ) , blood chemistry (glucose, liver enzymes , creatinine , urea , etc.) , urinalysis .

If necessary , in the case of the presence of comorbidity , or to clarify the diagnosis list expands diagnostic procedures that allows maximum accuracy to evaluate the patient's condition and develop a customized scheme to select the optimal treatment option .

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