Treatment of hemangiomas in children in Germany
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Treatment of hemangiomas in children in Germany
Currently hemangioma is considered the most common disorders of infancy. At its core, it is a benign vascular tumor that occurs in most cases in the early days - or weeks of life the baby is innate.

Experienced professionals working in clinics in Germany are treating hemangiomas any form.

In Germany today successfully practiced as conservative ( physiotherapy and drug therapy with hormones, cytostatics and interferon ) and operative methods of treatment of hemangiomas in children, the choice is determined strictly on an individual basis taking into account the detailed characteristics of the particular tumor.

In simple cutaneous hemangiomas German experts prefer cryoablation ( freezing temperatures ) or laser therapy ( sclerosis hemangioma vessels under the influence of the laser beam ). Both of these approaches exclude damage to the underlying tissue, provide a good cosmetic effect and is safe for the body as a whole baby. Furthermore, the small size dot hemangiomas can be eliminated by means of coagulation.

To combat the cavernous forms of hemangiomas in Germany is widely used sclerosing therapy involves the introduction into the vascular tumor specific drug that causes hardening of the blood vessels and hemangiomas stop its further growth.

For complex localization of the process (in the region of the orbit, nasal ) as well as larger sizes neoplasm German doctors to treat radiotherapy consisting in irradiation dosage tumor site without any negative effects on healthy tissue.

Cavernous and rapidly growing forms of hemangiomas, deep tumor location, especially if inconclusive medical therapy may require surgical intervention consisting in complete removal of tumors within the unaffected tissue.
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