Application for Treatment
Plazmolifting - non-invasive rejuvenationtechnology that activates the regenerative processes in the skin. Bio-stimulating effect is achieved by injecting platelet-rich plasma, previously taken from the patient.
Initially, the method used in plastic and oral surgery to improve healing, prevent infectionand tissue atrophy. Today cosmetology age in Germany, our and other countries is unthinkable without plasma stimulation.

Carrying out the procedure.

Vein of the patient take some blood. Necessary volume average - 10-20 ml, with minor amendments to the age, purpose of correction, the structural features of the skin. A portion of the blood is separated into fractions in clinical centrifuge. As a result, a maximum concentration of the fractions of platelets. That it is administered subcutaneously in the microneedles correctable areas. Usually therapy is limited to two-week intervals withthe procedures, according to testimony number of sessions can reach ten.


To improve the bioactivity and blood cleansing is recommended not to eat food night harmful and "dead": fat, canned, acute. Undesirable refined sugar, chips, crackers. Four hours before the procedure must confine abundant drink.


• mimic and fine lines (in Germany they cosmetology corrected, starting with 27-28 years);
• age-related changes of the skin, loss of elasticity;
• dryness and flaking;
• Slow recovery of the skin after chemical peels laser;
• Violations hydrobalance, strength, structure of the skin due to fluctuations in body weight;
• stretching, provoked a sharp decrease in weight;
• thinning, pathology, growth, destruction of follicles, hair loss;
• Violations of the hair structure, diseases of the scalp.


Increased tone of the treated area and the surrounding tissues. Improvement of metabolic processes, structure and color.Smoothing, firming. The stimulation of regenerative processes, the synthesis of hyaluronic acid.


Cosmetology in Germany - it is always quality equipment and strict adherence to the technology, which eliminates any complications, except for a temporary, self-passing redness. Risks associated with incompetent execution of the procedure:
1) of infection (for blood donation or at the stage of processing) - a situation does not arise in licensed clinics, following a thorough security standards procedure using disposable equipment and advanced sterilization systems.
2) Rarely, and only when performed by unqualified may leave traces of injections, patches on the skin.
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