Lipedema - a syndrome of morbid obesity feet.More common in women .


Reason pathological deposition of fat in the legs is not installed. Risk Factors Heredity . Female.Hormonal changes : puberty , pregnancy, menopause . Overweight , obesity .

Lipedema may be complicated by secondary lymphedema in compression of the lymphatic vessels , which leads to a further increase in the limbs.

clinical manifestations

- Swelling and tenderness of tissues are generalized in nature and does not correspond to the location of veins

- Most of the adipose tissue is distributed in a patient in the hips , thighs and shins . Although obesity is not available for the foot, with the ankle often hanging folds of fat

- Swelling of the symmetrical, very soft to the touch , painful on pressure in the raised position the legs decreases slightly

- Total upper body obesity

Tenderness of tissues . The only method of treatment consists in trying to avoid further weight gain and weight loss , if there is general obesity .

The differential diagnosis is carried out with lymph edema. Recognition of the latter is possible if to take into account the following features : lymphoedema occurs in both men and women , obesity is not typical , symmetry is very rare , pain on pressure is usually no .

Myxedema . Hypothyroidism . Thyrotoxicosis .


- U.S. superficial and deep veins of the lower extremities

- Echocardiography and ECG

- Duplex ultrasound scan of lymphatic vessels

- Biochemical blood test to detect liver disease

- Ultrasound of the liver .

Treatment in Germany

Significantly improve the shape of the legs helps liposuction .

In Germany, on the treatment of long lipedemy engaged . Diksion firm works closely with experts who successfully perform the treatment of this disease . Generally, treatment is carried out in several stages. It takes time to get a specialist term , fixed-term appointment term is not possible due to the large influx of patients .
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