Unique laser acne treatment!
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Unique laser acne treatment!
Today, using the laser treatment made possible many dermatological diseases including acne. Everyone who came into contact with this disease knows that to get rid of traces of this rash is problematic enough, but even more difficult to eradicate the underlying cause.

Widespread practice, which came to us from the Germans today can repeat the treatment in Germany, and to help get rid of acne thousands! The essence of this method lies in the fact that a strong bactericidal effect on the skin gets rid of the source of inflammation. This is possible thanks to the laser!

Acne occurs when the sebaceous glands malfunction, and this, in turn, clogs streams. Laser, its radiation destroys such mikrovospaleniya, Is cleaned pores, and it allows you to accelerate blood circulation and further clean the area of ​​skin. Surgical intervention, in this case, would be less effective, because the laser allows to clean the fate that are deep enough, and surgically possible to clean only the upper layers of the dermis.

The main disadvantage of this procedure is the number of contraindications, but rather bans for people with the following diseases: diabetes, inflammation in the acute phase, epilepsy. Even tanning should go to after this procedure you have not had side effects.

But if there are no diseases, then you can safely go for laser treatment. Dermatology in Germany developed so that it is possible to eliminate up to 70% of inflammation, with a minimum number of procedures.

6 just enough to come to the laser treatment within 2 weeks to achieve such surprising results, and the duration of the session does not exceed 30 minutes!

Remember that the key to treating acne - it is a systematic and comprehensive! So do not put off the issue on the back burner!
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