Oxygen Mesotherapy
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Oxygen Mesotherapy
Every woman after 30 years tends to keep your skin in good shape and is trying to regain heryouth and beauty. Cosmetic procedure -Mesotherapy has gained recognition among the"elderly" beauties pretty quickly. Less traumaticand rapid effect - that is, what is the main advantages of this means. Cosmetology in Germany for a long time practicing a different, more modern look of this procedure - oxygenmesotherapy, which has even less traumatic. She is also famous for the fact that its implementation does not require injections. This is good news, especially for those who have a fear of needles.

Oxygen Mesotherapy - is not only a procedure to restore the skin, but also a way of healing the body as a whole. Lack of oxygen is not only reflected on the skin, but also on the work of the majority, however, decided to undergo oxygen mesotherapy patient kills two birds with one stone.
Consider all the positive conditions for this procedure:

* Unlike invasive mesotherapy, oxygen does not leave any damage on the skin, so the patient did not feel pain.

* Increased level of comfort during the passage of the cosmetology course.

* In fact, there are no side effects and contraindications are rare.

* In tandem with other oxygen treatments for the skin, accelerates the onset of a positive effect.

* Stability of progress - long.

As already mentioned above, the contraindications are much rarer than with the traditional mesotherapy. However, theyhave, and now will be given a list of them:

* Excessively dry skin.

* Cellulite.

* Stretch the skin.

* Cutaneous edema.

* Acne.

* Strong porosity and oily skin.

* Weak skin tone.

* Mimic wrinkles.

* "Bags" under the eyes.

* The presence of the "second" chin.

* Overweight.

* Abnormal redness.

* Hyperpigmentation.

* Presence of traces of skin injuries.

* The period of rehabilitation after the other cosmetic procedures

Pregnant subject to individual inspection at the beautician.

Oxygen Mesotherapy can become successful completion of hardware cosmetology!
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