Children's plastic surgery in Germany
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Children's plastic surgery in Germany
In need of plastic surgery not only adults but also children. This is due to a variety of birth defects such as, for example, cleft lip, cleft palate, the absence of the pinna, premature closure of the cranial plates, large congenital birthmarks, hemangiomas, etc.

Timely and well- conducted surgery allows qualitatively eliminate aesthetic problem.

In clinics in Germany to service small patients provides a full range of modern medical services, including a thorough pre-diagnostic and absolutely all kinds of reconstructive plastic surgery child using various methods and high-performance implementation of a comprehensive rehabilitation treatment.

To date, the German children's plastic surgeons successfully perform operations of any complexity, aimed at eliminating the cleft lip and palate, removal of large papillomas ( warts ), birthmarks , hemangiomas and other skin tumors baby, as well as post-burn correction ( "capacity of the skin ") and the elimination of cicatricial deformities on the face , on the legs and torso of the child. In Germany, plastic surgeons also correct breast asymmetry, droopy ears, treat gynecomastia in boys and conduct operations after pronounced weight loss in adolescents.

In each case, purely individually addressed the issue of selecting the optimal duration of surgery. For example, operations to correct cleft palate and / or lips are usually held during the first year of life ( approximately 3-4 months of age ), with droopy ears otoplasty performed reaches 7-8 years (that pinna has completed its development ) and t . etc.

For younger patients in clinics in Germany are the most comfortable conditions. In this case the child with one or both parents are placed in a private room with all amenities. Qualified and experienced plastic surgeons, specially trained and attentive staff accompanying patients in operating rooms and outside, provide medical services of the highest class in accordance with the most advanced international standards.
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