Orotherapy - treatment mountain air or normobaric hypoxic (treatment of thin air with a reduced oxygen content ).
Features mountain air are its purity and low oxygen partial pressure.

The healing properties of mountain air, known since the time of Hippocrates . His practice many of his patients recommended for a speedy recovery to move into the highlands at moderate altitude. It has been observed that people who live at these altitudes more healthy and strong, among them there is a maximum number of centenarians.
According to the most recent data on the beneficial effects of the human being and the foothills of moderate height ( 1.5-2.5 thousand meters above sea level).

The therapeutic effect of mountain air is based on the effect of low partial pressure on the human body. When this develops, moderate hypoxia, which triggers the reaction of active adaptation, aimed at maintaining energy homeostasis.
Mountain climate causes changes in various organs and systems , primarily in the nervous system and bone marrow.
When lifting a moderate altitude appears burst of energy, alertness, euphoria and other changes indicative of the predominance of excitation over inhibition.
Stay in the mountains accompanied by an increase in red blood cells and their hemoglobin, which testifies to its stimulating effect on the activity of the bone marrow. Cloth saturated with oxygen more efficiently.
Mountain climate has a strong influence on the Train cardiovascular and respiratory system, which contributes to the development of adaptation to hypoxia , including biochemical and structural changes in the cells.
In temperate mountain climate change natural immunity is suppressed severity of autoimmune reactions, increases the body's resistance, increasing the bactericidal properties of the skin.
Orotherapy stimulates own hidden reserves, increases physical performance, reduces fatigue, increases resistance to adversity and stress.
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