Alternative treatment in Germany
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Alternative treatment in Germany

Alternative treatment in Germany

To date, the benefits of scientific medicine are indisputable . Nevertheless , more and more people rely on unconventional therapies. The majority of patients use alternative therapies as an adjunct to conventional . This practice is called complementary , that is " more " medicine .
Alternative medicine in Germany is based on a long tradition . More than 60 % of the population of this country is used not only by the methods of scientific medicine , but also non-traditional methods of treatment.
Unlike other countries , in Germany , complementary medicine is generally practiced by doctors who have a medical degree . Every doctor has the ability to obtain additional qualifications in recognized science of alternative medicine , such as naturopathy , homeopathy or acupuncture , and use them in the future for their patients.
German medical specialists , using methods of complementary medicine , attach great importance to this practice was based on a scientific basis . Many well-known clinics , such as the Charité in Berlin , as well as the department of medical schools conducted various studies on " alternative medicine ."Effectiveness of a number of alternative medicine scientifically proven.
The most popular in Germany are following nontraditional therapies :

Naturopathy :

Herbal medicine - treatment with biologically active substances contained in medicinal herbs.

Leech therapy - treatment with leeches. During this therapy leeches are placed on the patient's skin to treat various diseases and removing toxins from the body. 

Hydrotherapy - Therapy irritation with the external application of water. This type of therapy includes approximately 100 different options for hydrotherapy.

Aromatherapy - combined therapy using essential oils. Form of aromatherapy: aromalampa, massages, body wraps, bath essences, inhalation, ingestion.

Homeopathy: Over 200 years ago a physician Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann discovered a new method of treatment - homeopathy. This method is based on the principle of similarity , and provides treatment of strongly diluted agents that cause a healthy person the same symptoms and that have this disease.

Acupuncture - a method of traditional Chinese medicine. According to her teaching most of the diseases caused by violation of the harmonious circulation of " vital energy " Qi on so-called meridians.

Chiropractic / Osteopathy - This type of therapy involves different treatment concepts relating to methods of alternative medicine.

Manual therapy - a set of manual treatment techniques to diagnose and treat disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Unlike other chiropractic treatments Osteopathy is based on the philosophical concept that the individual is considered in its entirety.

Thus, the methods of alternative medicine into account not only the physical aspects of human diseases, butalso mental and emotional. In most cases, the use of alternative medicine is safe and has no side effects.Alternative medicine has great potential for development and improvement.
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