How not to hurt yourself in the treatment of herbs
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How not to hurt yourself in the treatment of herbs

How not to hurt yourself in the treatment of herbs

Nowadays, herbal medicine - herbal treatment - is gaining popularity. And this is true - because drugs from natural productsdo not pollute the body and make it difficult to work, as do chemicals. Nature is generous, our ancestors were able to accept it with gratitude the gifts and use them for their own benefit. Now that we are learning.
But do not think that herbal treatment is completely safe. Herbal, infusions and decoctions can also cause the most unpleasant consequences and side effects,and even be deadly - if you fail to comply with a kind of "safety."

What is important to remember, startingtreatment with herbs? First of all do not seek the advice of professionals unchecked, whichhas now become very much. Right adviceyou can give only an experienced herbalist (a hereditary herbalists of people rarely advertise themselves on the Internet) or a certified phytotherapeutist.
You can start treatment and self-examining reference medicinal plants, and picked up the recipe for yourself.But, in this case, before you apply for the treatment of a particular plant, very carefully read about all its properties.
One plant can be curative for short-term use, and harm if you take it for long. For example daisy great help in case of problems with the stomach, as well as the occurrence of any infection, which is very intense fights daisy.And it is worth to take 3-7 days. Many who like to taste chamomile, create their own tradition tasty drinkchamomile tea every evening. But the cumulative effect of this plant begins to cause trouble, dizziness, and other unpleasant things.
Remember, the grass has done its job, and then it is better to postpone. Because adverse reactions with prolonged use of herbs are far more complex than the "chamomile" case.

Also remember that the herbs in combination give a different effect. And some herbs combine permissible and even necessary, because together they have a stronger effect (the phenomenon is called synergy in herbal medicine). For example good brew with mint and lemon balm to soothe, or receive an infusion of burdock rootand angelica against internal inflammation.

But there are herbs that when you connect them to a single tool gives a negative effect, and even become toxic.In order to avoid such a buy a good reference book on herbs compatibility table plants. Or additionally consultwith a specialist.

More recommended not to forget that some herbs are not compatible with medications. Such as echinacea can not be used in conjunction with antifungal agents - it seriously endangers your liver.

And if you are treated hunter, you need to avoid intense sunlight Also, if you have fever or hypertension,treatment hunter, too, is abandoned.

Women also very important to know which plants can cause abortifacient effect.

Choosing herbal treatment be attentive to detail. And never replace receiving infusions trip to the doctor.Remember - the first and basic aid has a doctor, after the grass support us on the road to recovery and good health.

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