Using clay in folk medicine
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Using clay in folk medicine

Using clay in folk medicine

Clay is popular in folk medicine, because it has many useful properties, long open man. There are severalvarieties of clay, which between them differ in color - there is a black, blue, greenish, dark brown, red, yellowand white clay. In each class its own distinctive characteristics and its beneficial properties, but the most usefulfor the person considered blue clay, which appeared on the planet before all other types of clay.


• Red clay is rich in iron and potassium. Its use for the treatment of endocrine, neurological diseases, diseases of the heart and circulatory system.

• White clay is very useful for the treatment of obesity and bowel disease, it helps to strengthen your nails andprevent hair loss.

• Yellow clay contains sulfur and its salts, ferric iron, and sodium. Helps in diseases of the intestines and stomach, stroke, headache, migraine, osteochondrosis.

• Blue clay is rich in cadmium and cobalt. Well treat hypothyroidism, obesity, provides joint mobility, removingmuscle fatigue. In cosmetology blue clay used for oily skin.

• Black clay contains iron and carbon. Helps with skin inflammation and inflammatory processes in the internal organs, reduces temperature and helps rejuvenate the body.

Features clay

• In clay contains radium, which is necessary for normal functioning of the body. Thanks to the treatment claybody gets radium pure, no impurities, so the use of clay in medicine so popular. Radium from the body expels all that decomposes and rots, which may lead to the development of tumors. Before radiation radium can not standno virus or microbe, while clay is not just neutralizes harmful microorganisms, it promotes the development ofimmunity against microbial infection, helps cells to renew and rejuvenate. Incidentally, clay favorably withartificial preservatives by the fact that it does not kill healthy cells and does not cause them any harm.

• Clay literally absorbs the disease, it is able to neutralize and bring pathogens to attract and absorb internalpoisons, purulent and painful matter. This property is particularly evident when the used as a compress claystarts to come out a bad smell - it means that the disease is passed on clay. For internal use clay also takescare of all the poor, takes the secretory microbial toxins, removes gases, pus and other harmful substances.

• Antibacterial properties of clay are staggering. You are free to conduct an experiment that will show you clearly this: Sprinkle a tablespoon of clay powder in a quart of milk. Even if you leave the milk in the room without using the refrigerator, the milk will not turn sour for a few days - you just naturally sterilized milk.
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