Application for Treatment
Fungotherapy is an area of ​​medicine, studying the medicinal properties of mushrooms and their impact on patient man. It is derived from the Latin word Fungus and translates as "mushroom" . Treat the disease with fungi began about two thousand years ago. There is even a treatise on medicinal mushrooms, which in the past was famous physician Wu Xing . In his work, physician describes the properties of many types of fungi that grow in Japan and China. According to him, the mushrooms have medicinal properties to a greater extent than the herbs , and he even called shiitake mushroom ginseng.

Residents of Japan , this fungus just idolize , calling him an elixir of health and longevity. According to doctors it shiitake a panacea for cancer. This mushroom has many powerful features (antineoplastic , anti-inflammatory, anti-viral ) , which can heal people from this terrible disease . Some celebrities even drink tea made ​​from shiitake . Thus, they are saved from depression and chronic fatigue. Also tea and shiitake has rejuvenating properties .

Mushrooms are rich in amino acids, which help to strengthen memory and fight atherosclerosis. Lots of them and phosphorus (not less than in marine fish ), and B vitamins, strengthens the nervous system , even more than in cereals and vegetables. Back in the mushrooms contain a lot of nicotinic acid required to strengthen the walls of blood vessels.Besides mushrooms contain elements such as copper , manganese , iodine , phosphorus , zinc and potassium. They help regulate metabolism and prevention of disease are cardiovascular system .

In winter mushrooms are especially valuable as enhances immunity . Everything else, thanks to chitin , fungi are able to rid the body of heavy metals and toxins . Especially a lot of chitin in fungal legs.

Mushrooms help you lose weight . Filling the stomach , they create the illusion of fullness , due to which a person will not overeat.

Among the scientists are being developed on the basis of the diet of mushrooms, which, in their opinion, will be soon a new direction in science proper nutrition.
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