Application for Treatment

One of the effective methods of medical treatment is farmakopunktura. Its main purpose - to provide therapeutic effects on the sick person.While achieving a lasting effect positive change.In practice, this method represents acombination of three popular successfultherapeutic areas: treatment with specialneedles, homeopathic system and the nature ofvarious embodiments microinjection. Some experts point out some similaritypharmacopuncture with reflex - if there are some differences between the two methods.


Therapeutic effect on specific areas of the body, which are the point of having a high energy activity, known since antiquity. However, only after the arsenal of physicians appeared syringes, the opportunity arose to make acupuncturemore effective - by the introduction into the body of medical preparations. The quantity of the drug itself - is many times less than with conventional injections, administered intramuscularly. This factor reduces the total drug load of the human body. By using a special syringe equipped microneedle, drug "delivered" on purpose - through biological active points of the body.


The combination of homeopathic medicines and the impact on those places that are different special physiologicalenergy, lead to the maximum therapeutic effect. Currently farmakopunktura considered one of the most popular methods for specialized medical treatment. Among its advantages include as a small depth of microneedles in the skin,and high performance - due to a precise definition of the localization region. Despite some similarities with reflex, this method has its own idiosyncrasies. In particular, not only provided the stimulation of acupuncture points system, butthere is an effective distribution of drugs contained in the administration.


Pharmacopuncture has a significant therapeutic effect for the following diseases:
• degenerative changes of the spine;
• diseases associated with disruption of the normal functioning of
gastric and colon
• benign;
• cardiovascular disease, as well as several others.
In practice, the purpose of this method of treatment performed by a doctor.


Pharmacopuncture during the following medications:
1. Anesthetics;
2. Vitamin-containing drugs;
3. Preparations containing hormones;
4. The water or a special solution for injection;
5. Homeopathic preparations destination;
6. Means to improve the process of blood circulation;
7. Autologous blood;
8. Specially prepared solution of sodium chloride or potassium chloride, 10%.


In medical practice, there are also some kinds of procedures, methodological basis which is interconnected with the principles pharmacopuncture. In particular, the blockade applied with respect to the trigger points, gained some popularity during the previous decade. With this method, there is a treatment of pain of different localization.
Also certain distribution received mesotherapy, in which injections are used in the active energy points of the body.However, this method has no therapeutic focus and is designed for cosmetic procedures.

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