Alternative medicine to deal with pain
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Alternative medicine to deal with pain

Everyone, at least a few times in my life,faced with severe pain: bad teeth, trauma, various diseases of the internal organs and more can cause the appearance ofunpleasant sensations of varying intensity. In such cases usually help painkillers and, of course, access to a doctor, who will determine the cause of the pain and help to eliminate it, but what if the pain occursregularly, and conventional painkillers do not help, or using them, because of somereasons, it is impossible? In such cases it is necessary to think about alternative methods of treatment. Chinese medicine includesmany sections that are not formally adopted in traditional medicine, which recognizes only the chemicals, physical methods of influence or, in extreme cases, surgery. Oriental doctors treat the human body not as a collection of various organs and systems, as well as a single body, in which everything is connected and working on some part of the body, you can achieve recovery of others.

Chinese medicine primarily involves respect for your body, any pain - it is a sign of physical distress and need to try to determine what was the cause of the disease, rather than trying to drown painkillers.
So to get rid of the pain of chronic diseases, Chinese doctors recommend to starve or go on a healthy diet, andit helps to not only get rid of the pain in the digestive organs, but also helps with exacerbation of respiratory diseases, osteoarticular system and some other diseases.
Another is a safe and effective means of struggle with painful sensations - it's relaxing. Try to calm down andrelax muscles flattened when experiencing pain is very difficult, but that it can help to get rid of headache, migraine, pain in the heart or high blood pressure. Achieve the desired degree of relaxation and "release" the pain by using the following methods:
- Deep breath - with the help of deep breaths, you can quickly relax the muscles and calm down:
- Meditation - relax and get rid of negative thoughts and feelings will help meditation, there are many differenttechniques to help master this method of treatment, the main thing - the desire to learn, a quiet place where youwill not be disturbed and a little bit of free time;
- Relieve muscle tension and soothe the nerves, you can use aromatherapy and soft music - properly selectedessential oils also have additional healing effect;

In Chinese medicine, there are many much more sophisticated and effective methods: acupuncture,transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, treatment with cold, mineral mud, girudoterapiya and more. But to hold such procedures can only highly skilled, trained and having a medical education, otherwise, this treatmentcan cause a sharp deterioration in health and disease exacerbation.

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