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The company provides a service Dixion Visa support

The procedure for obtaining a visa for  treatment in Germany  is different from the procedure for obtaining visas to the Schengen countries. The difference from the tourist visa medical consists only in the fact that the medical visa, if necessary (increase in terms of treatment or examination) is extended in Germany. The company Dixion  provides visa support, which is to prepare the invitations and provide legal guarantees for the German Embassy in your country to During your stay in Germany. The company Dixion  clinic provides a financial guarantee for each patient. The invitation from the hospital, which is supposed to treatment or examination, will be the date of acceptance of the patient to treatment, the estimated duration of treatment and confirmation of receipt of payment of medical services in full.

In extreme cases it is possible to obtain a visa for one day. 
For invitations need to make 100% advance payment. 
After receiving an invitation you need to apply to the embassy.

To apply to the embassy, ​​you need personal presence of the applicant. In case of impossibility of personal presence, you need help from a doctor and a notarized power of attorney for the person who will apply. If the recipient is a child visa, the applicant was one of the parents from the other parent must be notarized consent of the child's removal to  Germany for treatment . 
Documents sent by fax or e-mail will not be accepted. 
Please note that the Embassy does not accept applications that are submitted are not in full.

Documents required for medical entry visa in Russia

1. Identification of the applicant:

  • A passport which must be valid for another period of 3 months after completion of travel
  • A copy of the identification page of the passport
  • Three current passport photos, two of which should be stuck on the questionnaire, and submit a separate
  • Original and copy of passport (only the pages that contain the records).

2. The application with the appropriate profiles:

  • Two questionnaires, fully completed and personally signed. Forms forms can be obtained free of charge on a daily basis in the visa section or fill in and print on the internet at  the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany . Questionnaires filled in Latin letters.

3. The purpose of the trip:

  • Invitation from the hospital (the original is sent to us directly to the embassy, ​​you will receive a copy of the invitation by e-mail)
  • Confirmation from the bank to commit prepaid treatment. Such messages as "Treatment is payable on arrival" may not be recognized by the embassy.

4. Financial support for your stay in Germany:

  • Acceptable credit cards, the card account statement on cash flow, or bank statements for the last three months (originals and copies)
  • Help employment (including name, full address and telephone number of the employer indicating the telephone code area, data on wages) in the original

5. The purpose of the trip and financial support to accompany you face:

  • Proof of residence in Germany
  • Credit cards (eg, American Express, Visa, Mastercard and others - but not accepted debit payment cards such as Visa Electron), the card account statement on cash flow for the last three months
  • Bank statements for the last three months
  • Traveler's checks (usually sufficient checks at the rate of 50, - Euro per night for one person).

6. Medical insurance for the period of stay:

  • Health insurance, the original and one copy with the amount of coverage of not less than 30,000 dollars, is valid for stay in the territory of the Schengen countries throughout the schedule.

7. Homecoming:

  • Documents of registration of private entrepreneur and business enterprises (for example, a certificate from the tax authorities, declarations, bank statements) 
    for students and schoolchildren - a certificate of training from educational institution 
    Statement of property

8. Children under 18 accompanied by their parents or by a third party:

  • Statement by the father or mother of their agreement to leave the child or children with notarized and signed (original and copy). The statement must be translated into German.
  • or a judicial decision on the transfer of rights to the child to one parent
  • or death certificate of one of the parents
  • or a statement that the mother raising a child alone.
  • Original and copy of birth certificate
For each minor child is filled with a separate application in two copies, regardless of age, signed by the persons having parental authority or guardian of the child.

The Embassy reserves the right to require additional documents.

Invitation from the clinic will be sent to you by express mail. The cost of sending a letter by express mail paid by the patient.

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