Purchase of German medicine
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Purchase of German medicine

Company ''Dixion'' assists its in the acquisition of the necessary medications in the treatment process, as well as medicines for subsequent therapy at home, including prescription from doctors.

You can order medicines from Germany and we will promptly deliver the medications to the address you specify .

This service for customers is 5% of the cost of the drug, but no more than 150 euros, the minimum payment services EUR 50 (if necessary postage);
for not customers - charge a fee of 10% of the cost of medicines, but not more than 250 euros, the minimum payment services 50 euros plus costs of delivery.

The services can be paid:

- By bank transfer ;
- Credit card (+ 4 % Mastercard,Visa; +2% Maestro);
- Paypal.


We work with 100% prepayment.
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