Treatment organisation in Germany
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Pledge of your health - quality treatment and prevention.

Germany is one of the most popular and reliable places to undergo treatment. 
With the company Dixion  you will always be assured of:

  • the right choice of clinic desired profile
  • selection of specialists in the shortest possible time
  • correct execution of documents
  • the cost of services
  • accompanied by qualitative
  • adequate legal aid

Scheme of work with the company Dixion

Making an application for examination or treatment is carried out on our website in the application for treatment 
If you have questions you can contact us by phone  + 49 211 388 388 68 . 
Upon receipt of the required documents, we send a request to the leading clinics in Germany that specialize in your problems. You will receive a detailed description of the proposed treatment or examination by e-mail, as well as the approximate calculation of medical and service costs. Based on many years of experience with leading German clinics we can offer you the best solution to your problem.

Organization chart diagnosis, treatment or rehabilitation in Germany

  • Application for the diagnosis or treatment

To request a German clinic you will need to send us to-date medical reports, analyzes, surveys by e-mail , fax  +49 211 17936419  or fill out our web form -  Application for treatment . These documents will be translated into German and transferred to the doctor.

Once we receive proposals from the clinic, we will contact you immediately!

  • The choice of clinic

Based on the medical reports, we'll give you the specialized clinics. We offer you several options and choose the best together.

  • Preliminary proposal

After reviewing physician with primary medical documentation we provide you with individual pre-proposal, which will include the planned procedure, presumably the time and cost of treatment.

  • Calculating the cost of treatment

Value of your treatment will consist of Germany invoice received from the hospital and from the fixed services company. Payment can be made by bank transfer you to our company account. If you do not need a visa support payment possible on arrival in cash or by credit card (+ 4% Visa, Mastercard; + 2% Maestro).

Suggested prices of German clinics.
Prices of the Czech Republic

In addition to  treatment in Germany, we are pleased to offer  wellness vacation resorts in Germany and the Czech Republic
Turning to us, you will get not only high-quality care and treatment in German hospitals, but also help in solving any problems associated with both the treatment and the stay in country.
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