Medical audit
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Dixion company offers you a free service - an independent medical audit.

Medical Audi  - a service that is already in the early stages reveals the risks associated with unscrupulous intermediary company.

If you decide to go through their treatment, examination or rehabilitation abroad, appealed to the intermediary firms for the provision of treatment in Germany and in your hand is already quotation, our specialists will inspect the resulting free account and you will appreciate its objectivity.


This service has been made possible only thanks to the introduction in German law in 2004, a unified system of calculation of the cost of medical services (DRG), according to which the cost of all medical services and the same for German and foreign patients.

Unfortunately, the market for medical services are many unscrupulous companies and individuals who are engaged in the provision of mediation services, with no experience in this field, as well as having no relation to medicine as such.

In order to be completely sure about your chosen service company, please send us an email  the following documents:

  • the full extent of the treatment (methods and treatment plan, category physician, anesthesia);
  • length of stay in hospital and the category of the Chamber;
  • Services provided by the intermediary (transfers, transfers, maintenance, etc.).

We will promptly process the information, conduct recalculation of the cost of medical services for the DRG system and analyze this quote. The results of the examination will be sent to your email address.

It is worth noting that you should be alerted as overstated and understated the amount of treatment. If you specify too low price, it is possible that upon arrival in Germany, under various pretexts, you will be offered to make additional payment. Too high prices sometimes hidden incorporated in the price of medical measures unreasonably high fees intermediary company.

Independent medical audit  is primarily a control over the activities of the company proxy, in order to determine the degree of integrity of the company.

Dixion company can not only provide our customers with the confidence that the financial statements provided by the mediator does not have material misstatements, but also give recommendations on various issues.


This service is free and is for informational purposes only.
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