Correction of speech disorders of children and adults
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Company Dixion-Healthcare Services - Correction of speech disorders in children and adults

An experienced pathologist speech therapist with higher education will help you or your child cope with various disorders of speech and determine the extent of its violations.

Our specialist works with children with general underdevelopment of speech, with mental retardation, children with signs of mental retardation and autism.

With children  classes on correction of speech, development of memory, thinking, attention, reading and writing.

For severe speech disorders include:

  • alalia (absence or hypoplasia of speech in children with normal hearing and primarily safe intelligence);
  • aphasia (systemic disorder already formed speech);
  • Nasality (snuffles);
  • dysarthria (violation of pronunciation due to lack of innervation of the vocal apparatus);
  • some forms of stuttering.

Adults : the restoration of speech and swallowing after stroke, traumatic brain injury, after surgery on the larynx (throat cancer), as well as the correction and restoration of speech in Parkinson's disease.  Stuttering .

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