Legal advice
Application for Treatment

Going to Germany for treatment, you could most likely need some help on the part of the organizers, who not only take over the decision of questions of a medical nature, transfer and maintenance, but also solve the issues of domestic order, not related to yourtreatment.
Anyway, you always need someone who will perform in the protection of your interests.
The choice of firm-mediator

If you decide to be treated in Germany and intend to seek the assistance of a service company, choose a competent and reliable !!!

What should I pay particular attention to:

-Explore carefully page of this company on the internet - it should be informative, contain detailed information about the company, registration permit for conducting coordination activities in Germany;

- Must indicate the postal address and telephone office in Germany;

- Almost all reputable companies have also ofisy- representation on the territory of the Russian Federation;
- Find out whether there is in the state of doctors (sometimes private mediators not only familiar with medical terminology, but also lack basic medical education).

If you have such an opportunity to visit the offices of the company. Only in this way you can get a better idea of the mediator.
Refer to larger companies with significant experience.

The signing of the contract with the intermediary firm

Be sure to carefully read the contract that you sign the offer. The agreement should be spelled out medical institution in which it is assumed medical treatment, range of therapeutic or diagnostic procedures, given the estimated time of hospital stay, as well as the total cost of treatment and the costof services intermediary company (transfers, transfers, maintenance, etc. ).

Payment for medical services

With patients who do not have health insurance clinics in Germany are working on a system of 100% pre-payment, which is:
- Guarantee a reservation for your chosen treatments, clinics and physician;
- Allows you to get a medical visa.

Medical visa

The advantage of the medical visa is that if necessary, you can extend your stay in Germany for medical reasons.

Treatment on-line cost calculation