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Epileptology Center Bonn

In the University Hospital of Bonn is one of the world's leading neurological centers specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy. Epilepsy clinic was founded in 1979 specifically for the treatment and research of epilepsies. Together with the neurosurgery clinic here since the beginning of the 90s created epilepsy surgery center .

Runs a clinic epileptology Professor MD E.Elger Christians - one of the leading world epileptolog , who heads Germany's only chair epileptology fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatry (FRCP), London, Speaker transregional research community SFB/TR3, chairman of the German section of the International Leagueepilepsy , president of All-German society of Clinical neurophysiology , Counsellor of the German Ministry of Health to epileptology winner of several German and international awards in the field of epilepsy and epileptic surgery.

Epilepsy clinic is equipped with the most modern equipment. The clinic uses the latest developments and techniques that exist in the world medicine.

In most cases , about two-thirds of patients selected adequate medical treatment and , as a rule , it is possible to stop completely attacks. 30% of patients who have been unable to stop attacks medication , surgical treatment. In 20% of cases, surgery can eliminate seizures, the remaining patients underwent vagus nerve stimulation.

In addition, the clinic is conducted alternative treatments such as naturopathy, acupuncture, psychotherapy, homeopathy, which also has a positive effect in the treatment of epilepsy.

The vast majority of patients made ​​a careful selection of drug therapy with subsequent correction (if necessary). Experience long-term cooperation with Prof. Elger shows that the majority of patients who failed to stop epileptic symptoms in hospitals in Russia, in Germany was established effective medical therapy, no indication for surgical intervention.

Annually outpatient clinic tested more than 3,000 patients , approximately 150 patients are established indications for surgical treatment - more than in all the other centers, including in the United States . 60-70 percent of patients after operation for a long time have seizures, with most patients experience a significant improvement.


    - Epilepsy diagnosis ( CT, video - EEG monitoring, abstraction evoked potentials )
    - Withdrawal seizures by medication
    - Surgical treatment of epilepsy
    - Stimulation of the vagus
    - Pregnancy with epilepsy

Diagnostic methods:

    - Video - EEG monitoring
    - EEG
    - electrocardiography
    - Electrophysiological Methods and computer radiologic studies, including MRI and other monitoring methods

Diagnosis includes computer radiological and electrophysiological studies, and in exceptional cases it is possible with the use of invasive diagnosis of deep electrodes and electrocorticography.

Scientific work

Together with the doctors at the clinic research activities engaged neuroscientists, physicists, biologists and chemists . Annually research groups publish 50 articles in the field of research and treatment of epilepsy.

The clinic is also involved in experimental epileptolog , as this area of ​​medicine is still far from understood. Participated in the experiments at the request of patients who are implanted deep electrodes to determine the causes of the attacks. Also conducted laboratory study of brain tissue removed as a result of operations. These fabrics scientists remain "live" up to 20 hours. At this time, scientists have conducted neurophysiological experiments with the same purpose - to identify the causes of epilepsy and antiepileptic drugs test effects on living tissue.

In research activities jointly occupied Biophysics , Neurochemical , Neurogenetics , neuropsychologists . Success concept that encompasses studies of the human brain at all levels - from genes to behavioral goals - reflected in recent years in many German and international journals .

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