Halfway between Dresden and Prague, between the Ore Mountains and the Czech central, right in the heart of Europe, is the resort town of Teplice, providing guests with a combination of natural and cultural beauty.
City Teplice in the Czech Republic belongs to the resorts with the most ancient traditions.

The local thermal springs were used in the 12th century. It is the development of resort business has made possible the transformation of Teplice in the famous spacenter with luxury resort homes and magnificent architecture.

Teplice city , thanks to its unique atmosphere and healing springs , always willingly welcomed many famous rulers , diplomats, art masters , such as Goethe, Beethoven, Chopin and Liszt, Russian Tsar Peter I and other prominent figures of his time.

And nowadays it is famous primarily for its famous and proven curative thermal springs .
High level of service and facilities at the European level are available for guests in five Teplice spa houses :

" Sísařské lázně» 4 * ( Resort " Imperial "),
«Lázeňský dům Beethoven» 3 * ( Spa house " Beethoven ")
«Kamené lázně» 3 * ( Resort "Stone ")
«Vojenská lázeňská léčebna» 3 * ( Military sanatorium ) and
«Nové lázně» 3 * ( children's resort "New" ) .
All holiday homes in Teplice , except children resort "New" provide customers with accommodation, treatment and food under one roof.
The health and comfort of the guests of the resort staff takes care professionals experienced doctors, qualified nurses , physiotherapists , massage therapists and other employees , professional level systematically improved.
The resort Teplice treated, primarily diseases of the musculoskeletal system , vascular diseases , nervous and mental diseases .
Part of the sanatorium " Imperial " is a clinic SLT , which are qualified department almost all medical specialties .

Also highly qualified medical service for guests clinic prepared special programs and services, which they can use during their holiday stay.

Programs are designed so that they do not violate the passage of spa treatments . This is especially true laser center services , screening programs (defining the current state of your health in a single day ) and the program «Beauty» ( program support beauty of modern women and men ) .

Teplice in the Czech Republic is not only a place for treatment , but also for the prevention of diseases.

Today the resort Teplitce poseschaet more customers who are not concerned about any particular problem , and their aim is to prevent possible health problems and save it.

His spare time at the resort Teplice you can spend visiting various events and cultural programs .
Visit the Ore Mountains Theatre , House of Culture and Spa house " Beethoven " , where music lovers regularly North Bohemian Philharmonic concerts , music festivals, outdoor concerts , theatrical performances.
The purpose of excursions and walks can be parks with fountains, unique buildings in the Empire style and modern observatory , planetarium , botanical garden , the ruins of the castle Doubravka over the city and others.

In holiday homes Teplice offers a tour program that gives an opportunity to see the beautiful cities and castles of the Czech Republic , Germany, museums and other historical monuments .
For lovers of swimming and water sports ideal place in the summer Lake Barbora is situated a few kilometers from the city. Right next to it there is a golf course .
Guests Teplice have the same opportunity to visit the aqua park with 2 swimming pools with water from the thermal springs , geysers , tobaganami , massage jets and waterfall. On the territory of the aquatic center are 2 saunas , steam room, infra cabin , wet bar - restaurant , fitness center, solarium, squash, during sunny days open sun terrace, with children's pool and mini golf . All year round you can play tennis.

In winter ski fans can ride a specially prepared ski slopes and cross-country in the Ore Mountains . For sports fans as the opportunities for rock climbing , biking , including mountain .

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