Rehabilitation Clinic of St.. Mauritius - Neuss Meerbusch
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Rehabilitation Clinic of St.. Mauritius - Neuss Meerbusch

Rehabilitation Clinic of St.. Mauritius - Neuss Meerbusch

Rehabilitation Clinic of St.. Mauritius - Neuss Meerbusch

In the clinic includes three departments: neuropaediatrics, neurology and early rehabilitation, geriatrics .

Branch Neuropaediatrics - modern methods of treatment of children and adolescents with congenital and acquired disorders of the central nervous system .

Main indications:

    effects of traumatic brain injury
    consequences of cerebral hypoxia
    complications arising after surgery to remove a brain tumor
    consequences of cerebrovascular insults
    effects of a brain hemorrhage , such as intracranial vascular malformations
    effects of spinal cord injury
    neurological complications of cancer (eg irradiation of the CNS, peripheral neuropathy after chemotherapy )
    inflammatory diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system
    status after status epilepticus
    state after surgery for epilepsy
    cerebral palsy
    cerebral palsy after suffering orthopedic intervention ("multi level surgery", surgery on the hip )
    congenital malformations of the nervous system, such as malformation of the spine
    neuromuscular disease
    neurometabolic disease

Children and adolescents are accepted at any stage of rehabilitation.

Diagnostic methods:

    gait analysis
    research evoked potentials
    Doppler sonography
    diagnosis of speech
    Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI )

Kinds of therapy:

Correction of gait disorders:

    gait training and therapy aimed at increasing the stability of the housing
    gait training on the robotic simulator (Lokomat ®)
    training on a treadmill with and without weights
    strength training
    functional gait training
    rhythmic -acoustic stimulation
    sismotherapy total ( single-frequency vibro : Galileo ® and Power Plate with variable frequency : Zeptor ®)
    balance training on a mobile platform with integrated feedback (eg , Posturomed ®, MTD ®-Balancetrainer) , etc.
    ergometric training
    aquatherapy ( swim parents with children )
    rehabilitation facilities
    botulinum toxin

Correction of violations of motor function of the hand

    therapy method "Constraint-induced Movement" or training "Forced use"
    technique of repeated exercises
    recovery of motor function of the hand
    bimanual hand therapy
    development of fine motor brushes
    mirror therapy
    robotic hands on training simulator Armeo ® and MIT-Manus ®)
    functional electrical stimulation
    computer training method hands (Biometrics ®)

"Moto- Circus"
"Moto- Circus" - a standardized treatment program for the development of balance and walking ability .

Branch Neuropaediatrics certified for compliance with the German Society for Neurorehabilitation (DGNR).

Department of Neurology

It treats patients with such diseases of the central nervous system such as diseases of the brain and spinal cord.

Typical disease

    cerebrovascular diseases, in particular state after stroke , brain hemorrhage
    state after traumatic brain injury with or without concomitant polytrauma
    inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system
    Systemic atrophies primarily affecting the central nervous system
    extrapyramidal disease and movement disorders ( eg Parkinson's disease )
    other degenerative diseases of the nervous system
    dimielinizirovannye central nervous system diseases (eg multiple sclerosis)
    Episodic and paroxysmal disorders of the nervous system (eg , epilepsy)
    diseases nerves, nerve roots , nerve endings
    polyneuropathy and other diseases of the peripheral nervous system
    muscle diseases and neuromuscular synapses


    post-myocardial / pulmonary embolism , chronic heart failure
    condition after heart surgery or invasive procedure
    peripheral arterial occlusion, a condition after bypass surgery
    prosthesis after amputation (single or double )
    diseases associated with metabolic disorders , especially diabetes and subsequent complications ( angiopathy , neuropathy , diabetic foot syndrome )
    functional disorders such as involuntary fall
    damage to the musculoskeletal system (also polytrauma, for example , transport trauma)
    fractures (especially the proximal femur ) - with and without traction
    osteoporosis , arthritis , post- arthroplasty operations
    degenerative diseases of the spine and joints
    chronic pain syndrome
    immobilization syndrome in the state after the above diagnoses
    neurological diseases ( apoplexy , Parkinson's disease , neuropathy , etc. )
    bedsores / chronic wounds
    condition after major surgery ( with complications , including after removal of carcinoma )
    state after malignancies and their consequences
    slow convalescence
    cognitive impairment up to dementia
    depressive disorders with damage maintaining independent living
    disorders of eating and drinking

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