Centre for Vascular Medicine Cologne
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Centre for Vascular Medicine Cologne

Firm '' Dixion'' works closely with the center of vascular medicine.

Center is known not only in Germany but also abroad. Every year there are examined and treated thousands of patients .

Each patient is treated individually chosen taking into account the peculiarities of his disease.

Centre for Vascular Medicine works closely with other well-known clinics that specialize in Lymphology , sports medicine , orthopedics, neurosurgery .

Close cooperation can achieve maximum results in the treatment of any disease.


For diagnostics in the center using the most modern methods:

    Duplex sonography with color coding
    Doppler sonography
    Rheography (LRR)
    Vein occlusion plethysmography
    Akral plethysmography pulse waves
    Ergometry under load (treadmill )
    Magnetic Resonance Angiography
    Computed tomography
    Analysis of blood clotting disorders and fat metabolism

Infusion therapy to improve the rheological properties of blood disorders in the later stages of arterial blood flow

Infusion therapy on an outpatient basis for not more than four weeks under strict clinical supervision.

Prostaglandin E1 infusion therapy in violation of blood flow in the legs in the later stages of the disease .

Diagnosis and therapy of venous thrombosis , clarification and risk assessment " travelers thrombosis "

Conservative therapy is performed with the use of compression therapies and medicines

Therapy of varicose ulcers
Surgical treatment

In the center of all surgical operations performed on the arteries and veins. Much attention is paid minimally invasive therapies.

The main directions of the Centre :

    - classical or open surgery for arterial blood disorders
    - minimally invasive catheter treatment of arterial disease ( balloon dilatation , stents, prostheses )
    - minimally invasive surgical treatment of varicose veins , including advanced laser techniques and radio frequency therapy.

Minimally invasive surgical treatment of varicose disease

     - Classical operation on varicose veins. Patients veins are removed through small skin incisions .
     - Laser method / Radio wave therapy. When intravenous therapy using the latest laser and radiowave technology varicose - veins "      welded " inside special probes. This method leads to a perfect functional and cosmetic results.
      - Mikroskleroterapiya, foam obliteration and dimensionally - controlled hardening .

Arterial surgery

Angioplasty and bypass surgery in :

    - femoral and tibial arteries with blood circulation disorders (so-called " Shop window disease" , "foot smoker" )
    - pelvic arteries
    - abdominal aortic aneurysms and blood disorders
    - renal arteries
    - ntestinal arteries
    - arteries arm and shoulder
    - carotid artery blood flow in disorders to prevent stroke .

Apart from the special plastic shunts used homologous vein.

Minimally invasive catheter techniques

This gentle method successfully catheterized following vascular regions:

    - peritoneal aorta
    - renal artery
    - intestinal artery
    - artery arm and shoulder
    - carotid arteries to prevent stroke

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