Adeli medical center
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Adeli medical center
Intensive neurological rehabilitation clinic .
On our site there is a new proposal for the provision of treatment and rehabilitation of children and adults with cerebral palsy in the Medical Center Adeli in Slovakia.
200 skilled staff and management make the Austrian ADELI Medical Center one of the leading specialized agencies of central Europe in the field of neurology , improving rehabilitation, physiotherapy , rheumatology, spa treatment , clinical speech therapy and intensive care medicine .
 The main advantage of the treatment is high intensity in Adel , individual therapy program and extensive service . Up to 5 hours a day , six days a week every patient undergoing therapeutic procedures with a multidisciplinary team consisting of doctors, therapists , massage therapists , speech therapists and other professionals.Unique medical center ADELI is to use special devices and procedures originating in space medicine . Due to this , it is possible to achieve the maximum effectiveness of treatment for each patient.

Adele center accepts patients with the following diseases :
Traumatic brain injury
Spinal cord trauma
consequences of meningitis
cerebral hemorrhage
cerebral paralysis
Peripheral nervous system damage

ADELI feature approach is intensity and individuality neurorehabilitation : each patient was escorted from five to six specialists daily. Program procedures lasts from four to six hours a day, six days a week.
Adele is a unique center that he is the initiator of the European program " Children at Risk " (Austria, Germany , Czech Republic, Slovakia) and a pioneer in the treatment of infants. It treats children aged 6 to 24 months .
At that age is not always diagnosed , but may determine the risk of delays in razvitii.Spetsialno designed rehabilitation program gives a chance to avoid severe disability in the future and to significantly reduce its power .
 Uniqueness in the use of highly is treatments having a basis in space and underwater neurology. This example proprioceptive stimulation using astronaut costume and hyperbaric oxygenation .
Procedures have been developed by researchers from the U.S., Russia and Germany in order to avoid damage to the nervous and muscular systems of astronauts , which arise due to the lack of movement ( hypokinesia ) in a state of weightlessness . As well as in patients with brain injuries , brain astronaut "forgets" the correct sequence of movements due to the absence of nerve impulses. Stimulation of this healthy proprioception has considerable support.
System antigravity man is a kind of program that is integrated into the nervous system . This program controls every move relatively permanent Earth's gravity - especially the head and trunk control and locomotor function of the extremities.
Many patients antigravity system is disturbed or underdeveloped initially . In some cases, there are congenital deficiencies or program damaged during brain injury . In particular , this applies to patients who travel in wheelchairs and "speed " of patients as well as patients with limited mobility legs and poor balance .
Especially effective is achieved through special exercises under simulated gravity loading and unloading in the costumes of the Russian space medicine. Of German and Austrian Space neurology were borrowed stimulation feet and vibration therapy, which make a major contribution to the success of the therapy.
Lack of oxygen - a common cause of brain damage
Lack of oxygen during birth is a known cause of cerebral palsy . Hypoxia leads to hemorrhage and damage a child's brain .
Lack of oxygen in the adult brain - one of the most common causes of stroke .
Destroyed brain cells lost forever . However , outside the lesions are serviceable , but inactive cells that can be reactivated . This is one of the characteristics of the so-called neuroplasticity ( the brain of children and adults ) - self-healing ability of neurons.
Oxygen activates the brain
The air we breathe is 78 percent nitrogen , 21 percent of the oxygen and other gases such as argon, neon and helium. During hyperbaric oxygen therapy in place of the oxygen air mix chamber patient inhales pure oxygen at a pressure of 1.7 to 2.3 atmospheres. Due to this, the content of oxygen in the tissues is increased by 25 times. This is achieved by lifting the blockade of oxygen supply to the most important systems of the body and is activated by a variety of functions . After successful use in intensive care , this process has found application in neurorehabilitation .
Specifically for the medical center in Germany ADELI built a modern oxygen chamber . It complies with the latest standards and technology enables optimal treatment , a clear observation by trained personnel and additional computer control .
The camera has seating for twelve patients and two specially trained staff who provide patient comfort during therapy.
During the sessions , which last from 60 to 120 -minute , entertainment audio and video programs .
Activation of dormant brain cells
Even in those areas of the brain , which has completely stopped because of damage to the blood circulation , hyperbaric oxygen therapy provides oxygen inactive cells and damaged segments . Reactivated dormant neurons , which makes it possible to restore many of the disturbed functions of the brain.
It is important to note that the new capabilities of the brain , which appeared due to the activation should be used and developed immediately after oxygen therapy : intensive proprioceptive stimulation at the medical center is an indispensable concomitant ADELI treatment for activation of lost brain function .
Constant feeling of one's own body and permanent perception of body movements in medicine is called proprioception . It is a continuous flow of information (eg, afferent impulses ) from the body to the brain. The brain receives and processes nonstop these messages and thus learns to control and use the power of the body during movement , for example, when getting up , walking, eating, talking , etc.
Relatively widespread motor rehabilitation, proprioceptive stimulation has a deep impact (during the treatment of neurological deficits ) . This is because proprioception gives impulses nervous system is not locally - and where the damage occurred , creating thus a better basis for successful rehabilitation .
Across Europe, there is hardly another rehab center where proprioceptive stimulation is performed with such intensity , individuality and versatility in Adele.The Center Adele patients are treated based on the achievements of the Austrian and German space neurology and Russian space medicine. Only here, with the support of several specialists , patients learn to sit , stand, walk , eat and talk for a few chasov a day - so make significant progress , gain new abilities and gradually regain their quality of life.
ADELI Medical Center is the only institution in the wellness Europe, which combines two particularly effective method of treating patients with lesions of the central nervous system : intensive proprioception and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.This combination was developed in conjunction with leading ADELI German and Austrian neurologist to further increase the effectiveness of therapy .
This combination has proven effective with the first attempts at therapy. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy activates the damaged areas of the central nervous system and makes brain cells again active and capable to process information . Proprioceptive stimulation of the brain provides an intense flow of necessary information , which can be quickly and efficiently assimilated thanks again activated abilities of the brain.
Patients who fit such a treatment program with an opportunity for a fast and effective rehabilitation towards independence and quality of life.
For Professionals Center Adele for the fundamental objectives are to improve the quality of life and level of patient autonomy . In most cases, is to work on improving the appearance or large and fine motor skills - the head and trunk control , the ability to get up , walk, and care for themselves and speech function .
Highly qualified staff , individual approach , high intensity of treatment and the use of unique methods provide each patient the best possible treatment efficacy .
Medical Center Neyroreabilitatsionny Adele is
individual approach
intensive treatment
integrated approach
Using unique therapies
High efficiency of treatment
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